Other Insurance Coverages

Life Insurance

Financial problems often occur after the lost of a loved one. Don’t leave your family to foot the bill. We offer Term, Whole, Universal, and Variable Universal Life Insurance.

Term Insurance

Provides death benefits lower than the cost of other types of insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Accumulates value based on a prearranged schedule. You will know the value of your policy on the anniversary of the policy, and the future value can change if you withdraw or take a loan from the policy.

Universal Life Insurance

Earns cash value based on interest rates, which are based on the stock market performance but will never go below a certain guaranteed value.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Involves heavy stock market participation where you can increase or decrease the cash value of your policy by investing in the market. This type of insurance is not offered directly to the public but is available. The cash value of the investment depends solely on where you choose to invest your policy.


Start investing for your future retirement. Emerald Coast Insurance Services offers investment services that include 401K, IRAs, Annuities, and Mutual Funds. Begin to establish your investment today for a relaxing future.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft has become a very common but serious problem; don’t let it take your sanity with it. Ask about our identity theft coverage. Start protecting your credit today! Just because someone steals your identity, it doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer.