Auto Insurance

The family car is often your most reliable source of transportation. Far too often we forget how important the car is until we have an accident. Let us ease your worries by offering you the best coverage available to you at affordable prices.

Personal Injury

Provides coverage for injury, death, loss of services, and loss of income suffered by you, your covered passengers, or covered family members (for those who reside in states with no-fault insurance laws.)

Liability Protection

If you are in an auto accident and are at fault, this coverage provides money which you become obligated to pay for Bodily Injury and property damage to the other guy and their passengers.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

If you get hit by another driver who at-fault and they only carry state minimum limits of insurance or who does not have insurance, or they don’t stick around after. This coverage will provide money for you and your family members for bodily injuries sustained in the accident; this coverage can also help out if you or a family member gets injured while riding in your neighbor’s car, or if even if you get hit as a pedestrian, or on a bicycle. Basically your insurance will “stand-in” for the other guy and give you and your family members get the money needed to help recover from injuries. You can also elect to stack the limits – (i.e. 3 cars on the policy will have 3 times the policy limit, etc.) to make sure there is plenty of money if the injuries should be severe.

Other Coverages and discounts available

Roadside Assistance: Provides assistance should you breakdown and need your car towed.

Accident forgiveness: This is an option you can add to your insurance that would make an at fault accident not cause a rate increase, it acts as if there was never an accident.

Rental Car: Provides you with a car should your car be damaged and in the shop.

Discounts: Call us to see how many you qualify for!

  • Senior Driving Course
  • Good Student Discount
  • Home Owners Discount
  • Multi Car Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Early quote Discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Safe Driver Discount

Medical Payments

Protection pays reasonable medical expenses for you or members of your family if you are injured in an auto accident, or as a pedestrian, are struck by an auto.

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive coverage provides for physical losses to your Auto that are other than Collision; these include losses from events such as floods and other natural disasters, as well as Fire, Vandalism, theft, falling objects, glass breakage and more. If you have this coverage and should get a broken windshield, you can get needed repairs with no deductible required.